Tela: Marc Chagall


Sometimes I wish I could stop my brain but sometimes I’m sure that it’s not possible.

Seems like It lives for itself

wondering, flooting, flying…as a Chagall’s painting.


I wish I could get back to my 6 years old life and maybe run without flipflops through my grandma’s garden again

without excuses, only hearing sounds of birds

nothing more at all.



A few days ago I bought a bicycle from a stranger that said me ‘hi’.

Dreaming to ‘faire du velô’ among the ways of the world I looked ahead and puted a pair of headphones on

just feeling the fresh breeze on my face as a nice song could caress me softly

As in the land of Oz where I finally found something ‘somewhere over the rainbown’.


I feel like Doroty in a forest beneath giants trees that swallow me down to the shadows.


My books have a different language to others, I know. That’s why I must read some of them so many times again

Words escape from my thoughts and toughts  stay to tell me secrets that I should never talk about

But silence has meanings that can explain more than ever.


Anyway my world of dreams don’t have rules

I can run off anytime for a real life even when I don’t want to wake up.



Only cowards run away from your own fantasies.

But only courageous people will stay and still remember that real life keeps turning outside.


Spread your shinning around cause sometime it will come back to you

and get shinhing again for someone else…




Nada será como antes




1 comentário (+adicionar seu?)

  1. Ana
    fev 17, 2012 @ 14:10:58

    Lindo! As always.


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