The first look.



(Budapest – September 16th, 2012)

I’ve seen so many things around the world with my travels that day by day I notice how small we are in this planet.

The diferences of culture, races, religion, history and economy has made me seen that we are all so differente from which others, but we’re all seeking for the same things… Peace, happiness, love or maybe just a better way of living. But I ask you: what do we do to get those things?

This was my first vision in Budapest. The Hungary was a suffocated country with so many wars, political separations, The Nazism and the Stalin’s kingdom for so many years… people still carry on this part of the history on their faces across the streets… It’s curious seeing the way of living in England, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Argentina, Germany, all the countries that I’ve visited, or knowing about my Canadians friends, americans, africans, asiatics, Australians how are their lives… and my own country, Brasil. How many people suffered and still suffer for the Freedom we have today and how many others still only look and care about themselves…

For a long time I’m tiinking what I want to do with my work, with photography, even with my years of Law… it’s difficult to answer at all… but I’m sure that I wish I could make some difference.. not only for me, but to the others.

I chose the image of this woman today because I have a history to tell. She was standing like that in front of the church for a long time… Humiliating herself while people just figured out she doesn’t exist.

The fact is that hours later I found this same woman walking at the most famous bridge of Budapest. She couldn’t walk, because one of her legs were damaged.. one more time she was stuck crying and nobody stoped to do anything… I tried to say something, but unfortunately she was only speaking in Hungarian… a boy passed and translated: “she say she doesn’t want money, she only want to cross the bridge”. 

I didn’t think, I just took her arms and walked with her for 20 minutes.. when we arrived at her home she looked at me crying and said a lot of things that I have no idea what means and give a hug so strong that.. I felt small one more time. But anyway I was sure: We speak the same language.

Today I woke up thinking about this woman, thinking about all the people I know around the world, and yes, we’re small.. but even this way, with little acts and things we can make a huge difference together.

That’s it.

Nada será como antes.


Escolhi esse texto porque um fim de um ano como esse merece.

Happy 2013!!!




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